​Tuesday 7:00pm

  Students focus on learning choreography, transitions, the history of dance and the difference between different music & rythyms.  Most students in the advanced class have eventually become members of Alexia's dance troupe, The Alexandria Dancers.

  Contact Alexia directly if you are new and wishing to join!

~ What should I wear?
  Comfortable clothing that you can move in: leggings, t-shirt, tank top, yoga wear, etc. Bare feet preferred, or clean dance shoes.

~ Is Bellydance a real workout?
  Yes it is! Bellydance uses a lot of muscles that aren't necessarily used in your normal day-to-day routines. It is a low-impact exercise and is thus suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

~ Do I have to show my stomach?
  Not at all! Whichever is more comfortable for you.

Private Classes and Workshops

~ What if I don't have any dance experience?
  That's perfectly alright! Most beginning students have little to no previous dance experience. We all start somewhere!

~ What should I bring?
  A full water bottle for hydration, a fun attitude, and a hipscarf if you have one!
  You may bring a yoga mat for any floor stretching.

~ Do I need a hipscarf?
​  If you have one, bring one! There are loaners available for the duration of the class if you do not.

Special Packages


Phone: (865) 898-2126

Frequently Asked Questions

Join us for $15 per class or $12 per class if you prepay for 4 or more!

1563 Crestwood Drive, Louisville, TN 37777    
Please park in the cul-de-sac. Dance Studio located on lower level, follow the blue signs.

Alexia is available to teach private classes and workshops. A one hour private class is $45.  

Workshop fees depend on length (hours) and the type of dance that is being taught.
​Please contact Alexia for more information.

Alexia: Oriental  Dancer & Instructor

Tuesday 6:00pm

​  A technique and fitness-oriented class that offers a solid foundation for developing a graceful dance style. Students learn basic hip and arm movements, head slides, basic traveling steps and turns, and basic combinations for dancing at home and socially.

  No two sessions are identical, so students may remain in Beginner as long as desired and still learn new movements.

 Bring 2 get 1 free!
Bring two paying friends with you to a Beginner Bellydance class and get your first class for free!

 Ladies Night In
Belly dance with your girlfriends in this fun hour long package! Alexia will bring hip scarves and veils for you and your friends to play with while you learn some basic moves to fun music.  

Private Lessons or Ladies Night In, may take place in a client's home, gym, or at Alexia’s studio in Blount County. If Alexia is coming to you, there will be an added travel fee depending on location.