Alexia: Oriental  Dancer & Instructor

Phone: (865) 898-2126

About Alexia

  Alexia of Knoxville, Tennessee is a renowned international performer, teacher, and advocate of Middle Eastern Dance. Alexia’s love of dance stems from a background in jazz and modern dance, which she began as a teenager. She now teaches all levels of Middle Eastern "Belly Dance" in Knoxville and Blount County areas.  She is also an event sponsor and director of The Alexandria Dancers.

  Alexia took her first class in belly dance at UT over 25 years ago and knew she had found her niche. She studied belly dance for 5 years under Ibrahim (Bobby) Farrah before moving to New York City to take many workshops with Yousry Sharif and other noted dancers in New York. She became a featured dancer in New York’s finest establishments: Ibis, Darvish, Cedars of Lebanon, and Beirut Restaurant. During her career, Alexia has performed professionally in Mexico City, Puerto Rico, London, Paris, Boston, Miami, California, and Orlando. While traveling, Alexia was honored to perform for Saudi Arabian royalty and international ambassadors.

  Alexia believes that a teacher has a responsibility to learn and convey to her students as much about the culture of the dance and music as the movements themselves. She has had the opportunity to travel to Cairo, Egypt; Istanbul, Turkey; Morocco, and Tunisia and explore the culture behind the art of Oriental Dance.  In addition, Alexia has had the opportunity to meet and was invited up to dance with Egypt’s beloved dancer, Suhair Zaki during one of her shows while there as a tourist in Cario.