Alexia Professional Belly Dancer, teacher, choreographer, event sponsor and producer! 

Alexia of Knoxville, Tennessee is a renowned International Performer, master teacher, and advocate of Middle Eastern Dance. Alexia’s love of dance stems from a background in jazz and modern dance, which she began as a teenager.

Alexia believes that a teacher has a responsibility to learn and convey to her students as much about the culture of the dance and music as the movements themselves. She has had the opportunity to travel to Cairo, Egypt; Istanbul, Turkey; Morocco, Tunisia and Greece and explore the culture behind the art of Oriental Dance. 

Alexia has formed a company called Alexia Productions so she can produce Middle Eastern Dance aka Belly Dance shows and sponsor Egyptian dance artist in workshops for continued education.  

Alexia currently teaches all levels of Belly Dance and Lyrical classes.
Alexandria Dancers
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Jehan Kamal of New York

2 Day Workshop in Knoxville, TN
May 16 - 17, 2015

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